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March 2021

Newsletter – Autumn 2021

After an eventful summer, of weather extremes, on-again off-again lockdowns and the swearing in of a new US President, many will be hoping that Autumn ushers in a change of more than the season. As the vaccine rollout begins, there are also promising signs that economic recovery may be earlier than expected.

It may only be March, but the end of financial year is looming and business owners have a lot to sort through this year. So the first article in our Autumn newsletter includes a checklist to help you prepare.

As the Government’s COVID support measures wind up, and the ATO steps up compliance, our quarterly Tax Update will keep you abreast of the changes.

If you are feeling time poor and like you need to improve your productivity here are a few tips to get more out of your day by being effective with your use of email and other message applications.

You can read our Autumn newsletter here.

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